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8 of the best app’s to use while in Bali

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 8 of the best app's to

use while in Bali


In this post we will be exploring the up and coming app’s that can save you time and money on your next trip to Bali. In the tech revolution, Indonesians have been taking control of the new technology and creating app’s and new business ventures online to compete with huge world corporations. Want your stacrbucks coffee delivered? Go-Jek has you sorted. What about where the next police road block is? Waze has you covered. These are the must have app’s and hacks that you need to know before your next trip to Bali and Indonesia.






Uber is at the forefront of ride-share travel and has just started up in Bali as of late 2015. Uber has a cash payment option in only 6 countries and Indonesia is one of them, this means that you can travel worry free and have the option of paying card or cash on your next trip. Uber is only good if you are taking a ride in the more built up areas. Bali is diverse and if you leave the tourist areas you may find it difficult to pick up an Uber, as it is new to the island. For the more remote areas we recommend that you take a Go-jek instead.

Uber can be downloaded form iTunes and the app store. To get $10 off your first trip click here.

 Get it on google play  App store



Go jek


Go jek busted onto the scene in 2011 as a ride sharing startup but lay idle until mid 2014 when investors stepped in and bumped up the business. With ride-share giant, Uber taking over the vehicle scene, Go jek focuses solely on motorbikes and offers trips up to 25 km’s for 38,000 rp ($3 USD). If you take a short trip then the rate is 15,000 rp ($1.10 USD) and this includes a helmet, face mask and shower cap. 

They have also incorporated a food delivery service into their business model so if you ever needed a burger delivered, or beer from the mini mart then Go-jek is the app for you.

Go jek is available on the play store for android and iTunes for the iPhone.


 Get it on google play  App store



Grab Taxi


Grabtaxi is another form of Uber but with the latter only just opening it’s doors in Indonesia, Grabtaxi has cemented itself as the go-to app for vehicle transportation. Grabtaxi is a Malaysian startup but has expanded into 6 SE Asian countries since it’s inception in early 2011. Based on the same principle’s as Uber, the user must sign up first with an account but the latest step is to offer cash and credit payment options. This is great for people who have a preference whilst on holiday. Grabtaxi has a strong presence in Bali and Indonesia so it’s a great choice when arriving at the airport and not having to worry about been totally ripped off by the touts on your first day in paradise.

Grabtaxi is available in the app store and google play for free.

Get it on google play  App store





Waze is a GPS navigation app like google maps that allows you to search out places and find the best routes to get there. Waze differs from other GPS apps in that it is community-driven, gathering complimentary map data and traffic information from it’s users. Waze learns from users driving times and provides the best routes and real time traffic updates. This app is very popular in Indonesia and people can report accidents, traffic jams and police traps. With the heavy usage of the app in Bali and Indonesia the accuracy and the location of road blocks and traffic jams makes this a great app when out travelling around. If you decide to go on your own bike trip then check out our guide on motorbike trips in Bali.


Waze is available for download from the app store and google play for free

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Instagram has grown over the years since in inception in 2010 and with Indonesian’s huge users of the app, you can use this to your benefit for your next trip away. Instagram isn’t just a place to upload your photos, it can be used as a travel guide and you can see the most amazing places that you want to visit when you are in Bali. When finding a place just type in a location in the finder and you’ll find hundreds of photos uploaded in real time of the place you’re searching and you’ll see what other users are posting about. It’s a great way to explore a place without actually going there and then seeing which ones you actually want to visit and which ones feel like a waste of time. If you aren’t on Instagram yet then get on it because its growing everyday and it’s a great way to discover Bali.

Instagram is available on the app store and play store for free.

Get it on google play  App store




Bali Adventure Guide






Facebook is still powerful tool when travelling and it hasn't gone out of fashion at all. With a lot of people now going to Bali to learn to surf, learn a language or take part in yoga training courses, Facebook can connect like minded people through its groups pages. One hack when travelling to a new place is to search your interests on Facebook and usually there are local organisations and clubs catering to your needs. It's a great tool to connect with like minded people and make some new friends along the way.

Download Facebook from the app store or google play for free

Get it on google play  App store






Booking.com is the internets equivalent of Walmart. King of everything accommodation and in Indonesia they have a huge presence and are the go to site for all your accommodation needs. There are some great deals to be had on the site and hotels usually drop rates and give “hot” deals that last for that day or even just a few hours. It’s not uncommon to save yourself up to 50% on hotels and in the world of spontaneous travel, booking.com caters towards those who want to book the day or night before and still have great savings. 

Booking.com is mobile friendly but the app can also be downloaded from the app store and play store.

Get it on google play  App store



Air bnb


If you don’t know about Airbnb yet then you really are missing out. Air bnb is a website for people to list, find and rent lodgings. It has over 1,500,000 listing in 34,000 cities and you are guaranteed a fair price when booking with them. In Bali, you can find Airbnb properties in all the major area’s from basic accommodation to 5 star villas on the waterfront. There is something for everybody and you’ll be surprised what deals and accommodations you can find. Gone are the days of staying in hotels, it’s now all about the villa lifestyle for less than you’d ever pay staying in a hotel. 

They often have special deals and if you want to save $25 off you next booking then click this link and receive the new signup bonus. 

Get it on google play  App store





One last thing before you leave - If you are interested in the benefits of keeping healthy on your next trip and are looking for the benefits of travel our friends over at Positive Health and Wellness have a comprehensive list of all the reasons why travelling is good for your health. If you have the time check it out. 

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