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Top 9 scenic spots in Bali not to miss

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Top 9 scenic spots in Bali not to miss

It’s undeniable that Bali is an island paradise but with many people choosing to spend time at the beach, they miss out on the parts of Bali that are less explored. The island may be small but it packs a punch, with lookout points and mountain views that are just waiting to be discovered. Below is a list of the top scenic spots for you to check out on your next trip to Bali.
Balian lookout
This lookout is just on the side of the road but one of the most beautiful places on the island to watch the sunrise. Few venture to west Bali but it’s authenticity and untouched nature make it the perfect place to stay for a few days and unwind from the chaos of the south. It’s best enjoyed at sunrise, as you’re more likely to have clear skies. The later you wait the lower your chances will be as the cloud comes in and obscures all the views.
To get here you have to go to Balian beach and from there take Jalan Banjar Surabrata inland for around 10 minutes and you’ll come to the lookout. For the exact location click here for the map.
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Photo by Ryan Mazure
Sunset point – Amed
Amed is a divers heaven, with reef after reef and coral gardens to keep you busy exploring for weeks but above the water is the Amed lookout point. On a clear day you can have views over to Agung and further west to Batukaru. It’s the perfect place to have a beer and watch the sun set over the mountains. You will likely have to share this place with others and the access is very easy, just cruise up the Amed hill and the lookout is at the top. The lookout is on the side of the road and there is a parking area and food for sale.
Click here for exact directions to the lookout.
Sunset Amed
Photo by Manuel Secher
Kintamani lookout
The lookout in Kintamani/Penelokan is one of the most scenic views on the island. The viewpoint looks out over Gunung Batur and Gunung Agung and also over the Batur Lake. If you can’t make it up Batur to watch the sunrise then this is the 2nd best option. You just head along the Kintamani – Penelokan road and you can’t miss it as the whole road follows the crater rim along and you have breathtaking views the whole way. If you get lost then click here for the directions.
Gunung Batur, Bali, Volcano
Photo By Ryan Mazure
Summit of Gunung Agung
If you have the physical capabilities then this is by far the most beautiful viewpoint on the entire island. From the summit of the highest volcano, you can see all the way to Rinjani, the highest volcano on Lombok some 80km’s away. You will also have the most amazing views over to Lake Batur and the whole north coast of Bali. For a guide on how to climb Gunung Agung check out Climbing Gunung Agung – An Adventure Guide.
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Photo By Ryan Mazure
Sunset from Nyang Nyang beach
Nyang Nyang is a little known beach in the south of Bali just a short drive from Uluwatu. The thing that keeps people away is that you have to walk around 20 minutes down the rocky cliff side to reach it. Don’t let this put you off because once you reach the bottom you’ll have the whole beach to yourself and if the weather is good, you’ll be treated to a great light show. Getting to Nyang Nyang is straight forward and parking is available at the resort at the top. From here take the rocky path down to the beach but don’t stay too late as coming back up in the dark isn’t ideal. Directions to the parking lot can be found here.
Sunset, Nyang Nyang, Beach, Sunset, Water, Low tide, Best place to watch sunset bali
Photo By Ryan Mazure
Kubu field
Kubu village is one of the most authentic Indonesian places you could ask for. Almost untouched by tourists, the field just south of Kubu is one of the most beautiful spots on the island. It offers the best views over to Gunung Agung where you can’t help but feel small in comparison. It can be hit and miss here but your best chance is to come for sunrise as the sky is usually less cloudy in the mornings. If you’re staying in Tulamben or Amed then it’s a short trip here. It’s advisable to stay in one of these places as the travel time can be very lengthy from other parts of the island. Kubu can be found by clicking here.
Gunung Agung
Photo By Ryan Mazure
Tengenungan Waterfall
Tengenungan waterfall is one of the most popular in Bali but also offers a fantastic viewpoint over the falls. The sunrises over the palm trees and if you come early, you’ll see the light radiate through the mist from the falls turning it all sorts of beautiful colours. It’s one of the more popular falls in Bali so be sure to arrive early to beat the crowds.
Entrance fee is 10,000 rupiah and parking is 5,000 rupiah. Directions can be found here.
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Tengenungan Waterfall, Bali
Photo By Ryan Mazure
Uluwatu really needs no introduction as it’s been a long time favourite for photographers, tourists and people just looking to watch the sunset. It’s a hard place to beat, and with its close proximity to the major tourist hubs it will continue to be popular for a long time to come. Directions to Uluwatu can be found here.
Bali, Sunset, Uluwatu
Photo By Ryan Mazure
Jatuluwih is located in the Tabanan regency and with the striking image of rice fields and the huge Gunung Batukaru in the background it’s quite the place to check out. Located at 700m above sea level, the area experiences considerably lower temperatures than the lower plains and is a great day trip from anywhere in the south.
The best views of Jatuwulih are actually from the small village of Blimbing and you have magnificent views out over the rice terraces. If you continue along the road heading north you’ll come to a small town of Poedjoengan and this is the entry point to go to one of the highest waterfalls on the island – Blahmantung Falls
Batukaru, Bali, Rice fields
Photo By Ryan Mazure

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