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Paragliding from Gunung Agung

Gunung Agung

Paragliding from Gunung Agung

Ever wondered what it is like to fly a paraglider from the summit of the highest volcano on the island? This was the first time that such a large group of pilots have flown off from the summit and made it all the way to the ocean.

Previously on July 11, just 3 weeks before the High Adventure group took off, Kiwi pilot Nick Neynens flew from the summit to land in a rice field just short of the beach in Candi Dasa. This is nothing new for the volcano having seen a number of pilots fly from the summit years before. The thing that makes this attempt so unique was the number of pilots that flew and also the first ever tandems to have flown from the summit. 

Check out the videos below from a year of records on Bali's highest Volcano.

Ryan Mazure is an adventure seeker, photographer and creator of the Bali Adventure Guide.

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