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Paragliding – An Adventure Guide



Paragliding is a fast evolving sport and the simplest form of human flight. A paraglider is a foot launched, non motorised wing which allows the pilot to fly in harmony with nature and experience flying at it’s purest, without a noisy motor. In the winter and spring time in Bali the wind swings around to the south and the sea breeze creates magically smooth lift where you can fly almost all day along the breathtakingly beautiful southern coastline.

 Sunset, Paragliding, Nyang Nyang beacha

 Sunset flight over Nyang Nyang beach – Photo by Ryan Mazure


Premier surf beaches meet 100m high sheer high cliffs and you have what many would consider the ultimate adventure playground. Paragliding in Bali isn’t new and the pioneers have been around since the early 90’s and are still flying strong today. The cliff in the south of Bali runs for 15km’s from the beach of Pandawa all the way along to Uluwatu. When the conditions are right you can fly there and back multiple times whilst flying over the fancy 5 star villa’s in style.

Paragliding, Timbis, Pandawa beach

Looking out from takeoff – Photo by Ryan Mazure

If you would like to try a tandem flight then there are 3 operators offering these flights. They have been in the business for more than 20 years and have a very good record of safe flights from Timbis and Gunung Payung flying sites. Bali paraglidersFly Bali and Bali paragliding operates from the months of April through November and tandem flights begin at $110 USD for a 20 minute flight.

Paraglding, Bali, Timbis

A pilot flies over the world famous Pandawa beach – Photo by Ryan Mazure

Ryan Mazure is an adventure seeker, photographer and creator of the Bali Adventure Guide.

5 Responses to Paragliding – An Adventure Guide

  1. Wethaka says:

    Can I paragliding in January?

  2. VT says:


    What’s the possibility of paragliding in Dec this year? Mid December. Tks!

    • Ryan Mazure says:

      Hi Vickie,

      It wont be possible to paraglide in December because the wind changes direction and the wet season begins. The flying season is from April until October usually but can spill in November if the weather is kind.

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